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 *  $Id: mtrr.c,v 1.4 2002/10/30 03:18:07 davej Exp $
 *  This file is part of x86info
 *  (C) 2002 Dave Jones.
 *  Licensed under the terms of the GNU GPL License version 2.
 *  MTRR register dumping.
 *  TODO : decode the registers too.

#include <stdio.h>
#include "x86info.h"

static void dump_mtrr (int cpu, int msr)
      unsigned long long val=0;

      if (read_msr(cpu, msr, &val) == 1)
            printf ("0x%016llx\n", val);

void dump_mtrrs (struct cpudata *cpu)
      int i;

      if (!(cpu->flags_edx & (X86_FEATURE_MTRR)))

      printf ("MTRR registers:\n");

      printf ("MTRRcap (0xfe): ");
      dump_mtrr (cpu->number, 0xfe);

      for (i=0; i<16; i+=2) {
            printf ("MTRRphysBase%d (0x%x): ", i/2, 0x200+i);
            dump_mtrr(cpu->number, 0x200+i);
            printf ("MTRRphysMask%d (0x%x): ", i/2, 0x201+i);
            dump_mtrr(cpu->number, 0x201+i);

      printf ("MTRRfix64K_00000 (0x250): ");
      dump_mtrr (cpu->number, 0x250);
      printf ("MTRRfix16K_80000 (0x258): ");
      dump_mtrr (cpu->number, 0x258);
      printf ("MTRRfix16K_A0000 (0x259): ");
      dump_mtrr (cpu->number, 0x259);

      printf ("MTRRfix4K_C8000 (0x269): ");
      dump_mtrr (cpu->number, 0x269);
      printf ("MTRRfix4K_D0000 0x26a: ");
      dump_mtrr (cpu->number, 0x26a);
      printf ("MTRRfix4K_D8000 0x26b: ");
      dump_mtrr (cpu->number, 0x26b);
      printf ("MTRRfix4K_E0000 0x26c: ");
      dump_mtrr (cpu->number, 0x26c);
      printf ("MTRRfix4K_E8000 0x26d: ");
      dump_mtrr (cpu->number, 0x26d);
      printf ("MTRRfix4K_F0000 0x26e: ");
      dump_mtrr (cpu->number, 0x26e);
      printf ("MTRRfix4K_F8000 0x26f: ");
      dump_mtrr (cpu->number, 0x26f);

      printf ("MTRRdefType (0x2ff): ");
      dump_mtrr (cpu->number, 0x2ff);

      printf ("\n\n");

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